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I really liked the actual shooting of the movie and the fun conversations in the planning and meetings before the movie was shot.

Olivia R. – Year 5.

“Future Film Stars’ Cannes program presented the students with a structured, yet creative story telling opportunity that really challenged their thinking. They were able to carry these skills forward, integrating them into further writing and presentation activities. The students also developed an appreciation for the craft of movie making, as well as being able to refine and apply drama skills for an authentic purpose. Seeing their finished product on the big screen was an absolute highlight of their year!”

Sue – Teacher of gifted and talented students

Professional Actor

Adrian Tyson is a director filled with passion and certainly knows how to push his films to get the best possible exposure on the world stage. He does everything in his power to make sure his vision comes to life. A real go-getter in the Australian film industry.


Dean Kirkright

“Don’t chance your child’s filmmaking education to film students or film buffs, Adrian Tyson’s latest film was accepted into the 67th Festival De Cannes, arguably the world’s most prestigious film festival. Adrian is a qualified teacher and Cannes level screenwriter, director and producer as well as being a member of AACTA, the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts in three categories. Having personally worked with Adrian on many film and music video shoots for artists like Damien Leith I can say that his commitment and professionalism is second to none”

Mick Jones – Cinematographer

“I liked Future Film Stars because my friends and I all had a lot of fun and during the process you learn a lot of new skills and attributes. Overall it was a magnificent experience.”

Riley A – Year 5 Gifted and Talented Opportunity Class.

“My daughter Neve participated in the Future Film Stars Cannes Program at Camden South Public School. The program developed their self-confidence, production and acting skills. She thoroughly enjoyed it and gained valuable learning experiences that have motivated her to continue her dream of becoming an actor.
The program ran on a weekly basis and the children were self-directed, worked collaboratively and produced a short film, ‘Bubble-O-Seven’ with the guidance of Adrian Tyson. This film was then presented at United Cinemas, Narellan for the whole school to watch. Families and friends invited to the viewing were extremely positive and impressed with the talent of the students.

As a primary school teacher myself, I believe this initiative is an important part of children’s learning. It enables children to build on their expressive qualities and gain an insight into the characteristics of drama and film production!”

Brooke B.

Professional Actor

I was lucky enough to work with Adrian Tyson as his lead actress on his short film Genetics. Instantly I felt comfortable with Adrian’s warmth and passion for film. Throughout the entire shoot he demonstrated a high standard of professionalism that I rarely had seen before on other film sets. He commanded the set well as a director but also welcomed new ideas and made me feel very free as an actor. He supported and assisted me in going to the places I needed to go to honour the role and do the best work possible. Adrian is a wonderful director and works incredibly well and efficiently with other crew and cast members.


Kelly Robinson

The best part about Future Film Stars was working behind the scenes. You watch movies but you don’t realize how much work goes into the movie behind the camera.

Marshall K. – Year 6, Gifted and Talented Opportunity Class.

“I am very glad I was given the chance to be a part of the Future Film Stars program last year. It was an amazing experience and I would definitely like to do the program again this year. Thanks to Mr Tyson I have learnt so many things about movie making.”

Natalie A – Year 5 Gifted and Talented Opportunity Class.

“Future Film Stars enabled my traditionally quiet and shy child to hone in and develop his creative flair for ‘behind the scenes’ script and film. The experience was so worthwhile that he plans on facing his fears and try his hand at acting next year. Thank you for giving him the opportunity to realise his potential in this area.”

Kristie O.

The film shoot day was a great experience finding out how films are made. It makes we wonder, “how does Spielberg do it?”

James H. – Year 6.

“Future Film Stars, what a fantastic opportunity for so many! My son Henry recently got to walk the red carpet, pose for the paparazzi and watch the film he helped direct and act in at our local cinema. His experience was nothing but positive. Under the direction of Adrian the kids develop their skills while also stepping out of their comfort zone to try something new.  In front of the camera or behind it, every child’s contribution is valued. It really is something special to see your child on the big screen. Confident, smiling and learning so much about film production. I highly recommend Future Film Stars, the experience is second to none.”

Tracy G.

“Our daughter Hayley has participated in the Future Film Stars program at school twice and thoroughly enjoyed her acting and film making experiences in both short films.

Making and performing in a film and starring at a cinema screening in front of her peers and family had a positive impact on her confidence and Hayley now has a solid start to her acting portfolio and the film making skills to make her own short films.

We can highly recommend the program to other parents.”

Joanna C.

“Future Film Starts is a great experience, I think it is something everyone should have a go at. You get to learn so much and it is lots of fun. I am sure I would do it again. You get to learn how to operate a camera and get to have a chance to act. Not only do you get a chance at all these things you also meet new people and get to see yourself on the big screen.”

Madison P – Year 5 Gifted and Talented Opportunity Class.

“Adrian Tyson’s Future Film Stars program has had several successful screenings at our cinemas over recent years. It is great to see young people engaging with filmmaking in this way and United Cinemas are proud to support their success. Their teacher, Adrian Tyson, brings his world class Cannes Film Festival level filmmaking experience and teaching knowledge together to create this fantastic program. One day our cinemas will surely feature some of these students in the blockbusters we screen every day.”

Saad Soubra – Manager, United Cinemas

I really enjoyed being able to shoot, act and direct. To see behind the scenes, behind the cameras and how many takes you have to do each time.

Charlotte G. – Year 5.

Every lesson was fun and exciting and interesting. Filming was fun as everyone was involved in some way. The whole Future Film Stars experience will be something I will remember.

Heather T. – Year 5, Gifted and Talented Opportunity Class.

I really felt that I was in a supportive environment while acting, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Harriet K. – Year 6, Gifted and Talented Opportunity Class.

The best part of Future Film Stars this year was being able to act out scenes many times and have laughs along the way.

Rushil S. – Year 5, Gifted and Talented Opportunity Class.

Three years ago I was asked by Adrian to act in a short film for his Future Film Stars Cannes program at the primary school where I am a teacher. As Adrian and the children of the school had written and produced the film themselves, I was fascinated about what this production would entail. Adrian and the children worked seamlessly together to create a film completely unique and I was humbled by the fact that I was asked to be involved in such a fabulous experience. My part in the film was quite hilarious and Adrian made it so easy for me to be able to perform the role as the Witch. The film was a hit and all who saw it raved about it. It was shown at a special film night at the local cinema to a packed audience. The children who participated in the making of the film were very proud.
Adrian went further the next year and made another short film. But this time he included children from the Multi Categorical Autism unit at our school. The level of expertise Adrian showed in being able to harness these children’s talents was a pleasure to behold.

Later, I was very excited for Adrian when another one of his professional short films was shown at the Cannes Film Festival. It was very well received and a testament to his considerable skills in filmmaking.

Recently, my own children at a different public school to me, came home one day and were very thrilled about the fact that Mr Tyson’s Future Film Stars Los Angeles program was coming to their school.

How fortunate was I, that now my own children could be involved in one of Adrian’s fabulous films. Adrian worked beautifully with my two daughters, Bronwyn and Laura, both girls and their class will always remember this experience for the rest of their lives. Having such a creative outlet such as Adrian’s Future Film Stars programs come to my children’s school was a dream come true.

I believe Adrian’s Future Film Stars programs will provide any child with a good grounding into the world of drama and filmmaking.

Lucette Z.

This years film was funny and light hearted, well shot and had plenty of bloopers and behind the scenes additional footage had you laughing.

Brooklyn T. – Year 5, Gifted and Talented Opportunity Class.

“I loved the opportunity Future Film Stars gave me, I made new friends, got the chance to learn how to construct a movie like they would in Hollywood, got to act and follow scripts. I was great to learn how to use camera equipment, I’ll definitely do it again, Mr Tyson is the best teacher!”

Harriet J – Year 5 Gifted and Talented Opportunity Class.

“My son recently attended the Future Film Stars New York school holiday program. He found the day to be highly motivating, interesting and a lot of fun. There were opportunities for the students to participate in screen writing and acting as well as learning about the technical side of life behind the camera. The students were able to develop their own ideas and put these into practice and everyone had the chance to participate in all areas. It was a great introduction to film making and I would highly recommend the New York Program to anyone who has a child interested in the world of film.”

Melissa T.

Adrian at Future Film Stars provided us with a professional DVD for distribution to parents in 2017. We were extremely happy with the quality of the finished product and Adrian was very collaborative in its creation, ensuring he produced exactly what was required. The edits and communication back and forth was above expectations and we were ecstatic with the result. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Future Film Stars for any school project.


Ronda Moon – Mt Terry Public School

“Future Film Stars is a great experience that you can learn a lot from. In my experience I chose to learn camera skills. It is a really enjoyable time where you can make lots of friends and experience what it’s like to be on a real movie set!”

Alyssa G – Year 5 Gifted and Talented Opportunity Class.

“It was an absolute privilege to work with Mr. Tyson as part of his Future Film Stars short film program two years in a row. I was thoroughly impressed at the learning opportunity it provided our students as they took part in the whole process of creating, designing and implementing the short films that were produced.

As a teaching professional, it was inspiring to see a group of students being encouraged to develop their skills in such a specialized area of interest, and most importantly in such an authentic manner.

The highlight was seeing their hard work come together as the cast walked the red carpet at the local cinema, and we were able to view the final product as part of school fundraising evening. A fabulous learning experience from start to finish!”

Georgina W.

“Future Film Stars provides a unique experience that is not offered at many schools. It shows you what happens off screen as well as on screen in movie making. Mr Tyson shows you how to make storylines for movies. At the end of making the movie, the film is shown at the cinema. Mr Tyson has taught me so much about movie making and I wish to do the program again.”

Yasmine H – Year 5 Gifted and Talented Opportunity Class.

“I loved being in front of the camera and the fancy equipment and pretending to be a Hollywood film star!”

Yasmine S. – Year 6, Gifted and Talented Opportunity Class.

“Future Film Stars was an awesome experience, learning how to act and film and basically make a movie.”

Luke S – Year 5 Gifted and Talented Opportunity Class.

I just wanted to say Thank you, Sienna absolutely loved the workshop the other day. If you have anything else coming up please keep me informed, she would love to follow up with something more. Thank you, Ty M.

Ty M. – Parent