Los Angeles Program
1 Day

Students learn:

  • How to interpret and implement the specific conventions of screenwriting.
  • How to extract the layers of multimodal information locked within a screenplay.
  • About story structure, dialogue, action, story types and genres specific to film.
  • Screenwriters process, formats, planning, working and editing styles.
  • Camera operation, framing, lighting operation, camera movement, film set workflow, roles and responsibilities.
  • Producing: planning for a shoot.
  • Acting & Directing.
  • Shooting: students will shoot scenes and have an opportunity to explore the different roles.
  • Editing: take selection, trimming, building an assemble edit, music and final touches.
  • Students will operate camera, various lighting rigs, dolly, tripod, reflectors, film slate and sound gear.
  • Less than a music lesson per hour at only 29 per hour for the six hour program.