*all policies are subject to change without notice.

Code of Conduct

Future Film Stars operates to the NSW Department of Education and Communities Code of Conduct standards.

The code of conduct is available at:


The Director of Future Film Stars is a member of the NSW Teachers Federation.

Copyright Policy

Future Film Stars students own the copyright in any original films, sound recordings, images, scripts, drawings or other materials they create during any Future Film Stars courses (Projects). Any scripts provided by Future Film Stars remain the copyright of Future Film Stars and the scripts author.

For Projects created by teams of students, copyright may be shared by each student in the team.

If students wish to post their Projects online (for example, on YouTube or Facebook), they should ensure that they do not use any materials that infringe another person’s copyright. If students wish to use such materials, they should seek appropriate clearances from the copyright owner. Future Film Stars will not mediate nor facilitate discussions between parties.

Students may collectively submit their work to film festivals.

However, students permit Future Film Stars to use the work they own for Future Film Stars educational, promotional, library, reporting and archival purposes. Future Film Stars will not mediate nor facilitate discussions between parties.

Further information on copyright can be found in the guidelines distributed during their courses or by visiting www.copyright.org.au

Data Storage and Retention Policy

Future Film Stars stores data related to business activities both on a secured local storage device at the primary place of business (with industry standard backup procedures), flash memory during production and on Google Drive.

Google Drive’s Terms of Service are available at the following link https://www.google.com/intx/en_in/work/apps/terms/2013/1/premier_terms.html

Future Film stars uses complex passwords for all service based storage mediums and changes these regularly in accordance with “Guide to securing personal information” – Australian Government, Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, available at the following link http://www.oaic.gov.au/privacy/privacy-resources/privacy-guides/guide-to-securing-personal-information “Passwords and Passphrases”

Future Film Stars may not retain production (video, audio, image) data related to business activities.

Future Film Stars will retain financial data in accordance with “What books and records should my company keep?” – Australian Government, Australian Security and Investments Commission, available at the following link http://asic.gov.au/for-business/running-a-company/company-officeholder-duties/what-books-and-records-should-my-company-keep/

Future Film Stars will secure all computing hardware with pin or password based access.

Enrolment Information

This form is required to be completed by the parent, guardian or carer of all participants who are under the age of 18 and have enrolled in a Future Film Stars School based or Holiday / Weekend filmmaking course.

The last two pages of this form should be agreed to by clicking ACCEPT prior to course payment online, or printed, filled out and photographed by smartphone or scanned and emailed to:


Address: Future Film Stars
P.O. Box H199
Australia Square NSW 1215
Phone: 0466 568 769
Email: contact@futurefilmstars.com.au
Web: futurefilmstars.com.au

General Information.

All Future Film Stars staff are skilled professionals that have been screened by The NSW Commission for Children and Young People, to ensure they meet with all legal requirements pertaining to ‘Working with Children’.

The Director, Mr. Adrian Tyson, is an experienced and qualified NSW Department of Education and Communities school teacher. As a filmmaker Adrian has made multiple short films, with his 2014 film Genetics, being accepted into the 67th Festival De Cannes from over 4000 applicant films. He holds an Internet Movie Database (IMDb) PRO profile, is a voting member of AACTA, the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts in the categories of Director, Screenwriter and Producer.

Participants should supply their own lunch, drinks, morning and afternoon tea. Normal rules as set by your school apply to what can and cannot be brought to school in terms of nuts and other allergens. If your course is out of school Future Film Stars asks that participants do not bring or consume any nut products on the days they attend Future Film Stars courses.

Where the Future Film Stars course is at school, normal school uniform should be worn at all times. This applies to film shoot days also.
On cinema screening nights for the Cannes Program, students are invited to dress formally for the World Premiere of their film in age appropriate conservative clothing.

On the cinema screening night students are not supervised by Future Film Stars or any teachers and parental supervision is required. No students can be left at the cinema unattended at any time on a screening night.

Where the Future Film Stars course is held outside of school participants should wear comfortable age appropriate conservative clothes and must wear enclosed shoes (high heels, thongs and sandals are not allowed in studio environments under Future Film Stars safety guidelines). All participants should bring a jumper as studio or hall environments are often cold. Participants undertaking a course or those courses involving ‘green screens’ should avoid green clothing. Special clothing requirements will be advised on a course by course basis.

All course participants who attend a course in its entirety will receive a Certificate of Achievement at the end of the course.

Unless public or parent screenings have been programmed as part of the course Future Film Stars does not allow carers or friends to observe the course. This gives young people the freedom to learn without the pressure of observation.

Conditions of Enrolment

Future Film Stars has the right to exclude a participant:

  • if the participant is under 18 and has not submitted an Under 18 Consent Form signed by a parent/guardian or carer.
  • if the participant breaches any Future Film Stars policy.
  • if course fees have not been paid.
  • as permitted by law or if the participant is often late or disruptive (under these 
circumstances, no refund will be offered). 
 Future Film Stars provides supervision during course hours only.

Parents/guardians/carers are responsible for informing Future Film Stars of:

  • Any access restrictions relating to a participant, such as those imposed by a court order.
  • Any arrangements made to collect a participant.
 Future Film Stars will release children to the nominated parent’s/guardian’s/carer’s care only, unless prior arrangements have been made.

9 to 12 year old participants are to be signed in and out by parents/carers at the beginning and end of the day. These participants are required not to leave the premises under any circumstances throughout the day (except in an emergency and at this time will follow emergency procedures).

13 to 17 year old participants are to be signed in and out by parents/carers/guardians at the beginning and end of the day unless their parent/carer/guardian grants consent, on the form below, for them to make their own way to and from the course premises and to sign themselves in and out. It is the parent’s/guardian’s/carer’s responsibility to organise this.

Parents/guardians/carers must advise Future Film Stars on the attached form of any medical or allergic conditions or other special (including behavioural) conditions the participant may have and any reasonable accommodations they may need. Future Film Stars has no specialised medical practitioner on site and will contact the nearest hospital in the event of an emergency. Medical costs incurred, including ambulances, will be borne by the participant or their parent/guardian/carer. Future Film Stars can take no responsibility for administering medication during a course.
Future Film Stars may photograph, film or record participants during course activities and use these photos or recordings for promotional, advertising, archival and accountability purposes. Future Film Stars will not identify a participant by their full name without express permission of their parent/guardian/carer.

DVDs, CDs or digital copies of participants’ work are not provided in courses with the exception of the Cannes Program.

Participants should familiarise themselves with copyright laws prior to posting any material on YouTube or other websites. They should ensure they do not violate any copyright law. For further information visit: www.copyright.org.au

Participants may not make recordings of any activities at Future Film Stars unless instructed to do so by staff.

Student equity is important to Future Film Stars however different on screen roles will feature more than other roles depending on the screenplay. All casting decisions are by Future Film Stars and are not negotiable and are final.

Please complete, sign and return the following two pages of this form to Future Film Stars prior to commencement of the course.

Public Comment Policy

1. Preamble: This policy provides guidance to staff, students and parents or care givers and school staff and teachers as to their rights and responsibilities in regard to making public comment about Future Film Stars, its Director, employees or programs.

2. Policy Scope: This policy applies to all Future Film Stars employees, consultants, students and their parents or care givers, school staff and teachers. This includes, but is not limited to: public speaking, comments to the press, broadcasters, comments in web based communications, social media; on radio; on television or views via letter, fax or email.

3. Definitions: Public Comment is a verbal or written comment made in any medium. Media is any method reaching a community and may include, but is not limited to, comments made: at public speaking engagements; to the press; to broadcasters; on websites; via any form of social media (including secret, closed or private groups); in letters or petitions; or in journals or other professional publications.

4. Policy Statement: The Director of Future Film Stars is the principal spokesperson for Future Film Stars on all matters. The director may delegate this role as appropriate.

In making public comment, Future Film Stars requires that:

  • No public comment will be defamatory.
  • No public comment will convey meaning which is likely to;
  • Lower Future Film Stars or its staff in the eyes of ordinary reasonable members of the community.
  • Injure Future Film Stars reputation in business, trade, or profession.

Any complaints or suggestions are to directed via email to contact@futurefilmstars.com.au only and are not made publicly.

Refund Policy

If a student wishes to cancel their enrolment for a course due to changing circumstances, they should email Future Film Stars at contact@futurefilmstars.com.au as soon as possible.

Future Film Stars may only refund all or part of a student’s fees in the following circumstances:

15 days or more prior to course commencement. A 100% refund will be provided to students withdrawing from a course 15 days or more prior to course commencement.

Between 1 and 14 Days Prior to Course Commencement. Should a student withdraw from a course during this period they will be entitled to a 50% refund of the total course cost.

On the Day the Course Commences. No refund is available for withdrawal from a course on the day of commencement or any subsequent days of the course once commenced.

Course Withdrawal

Students wishing to withdraw from a course must formalise their application in writing within the nominated time period, withdrawal applications should be addressed to:
Future Film Stars

Cancellation of course by Future Film Stars

Future Film Stars reserves the right to cancel any course for any reason at any time. In the event of a course being cancelled by Future Film Stars a full refund will be provided if the course cannot be rescheduled at the school within one month. In the event of Future Film Stars rescheduling but the student cannot attend the rescheduled date, then a full refund will be provided to that student.

In the event of Future Film Stars cancelling a date that forms part of a multi day course, Future Film Stars will seek to reschedule a time to present that portion of the course at the school when most students can attend. If students can not attend the rescheduled date, then a partial pro rata refund will be issued. Please note that the film shooting day, offsite editing and the cinema screening night are weighted heavily in the pro rata consideration.

In the Event of Sickness

Should a student be unable to attend a single day course due to sickness or other misadventure, Future Film Stars will seek to accommodate them in another course either at their school or at nearby schools within a month of the missed date. This is strictly subject to the acceptance of other schools in that case. If no other courses are at their school, or nearby, or the nearby school disallows their participation, then no refund is available.

If the student is participating in a multi day course then no refund is available if they miss a portion of the course. If they miss the shooting day or the screening night of their film there is also no refund available. All materials such as DVD and Movie Poster will be provided to the student after the screening night.

Under 18’s Policy & Procedure

1. Purpose

Future Film Stars delivers courses to individuals of all ages including participants under 18 years of age. Future Film Stars courses are age appropriate and duty of care procedures vary depending on the age of the participant. Future Film Stars at all times follows the same duty of care procedures and policies as the Department of Education and Communties.

Under 18’s are offered places in the Future Film Stars program including: Schools (primary and secondary), School Holidays and term based courses (for 9-17 year olds).

Future Film Stars courses may include discussions of high level concepts, interactive items, use of prepared materials and viewing of media content.

Future Film Stars Director is a qualified and experienced NSW Department of Education and Communities teacher holding full accreditation at the Proficient level as required by the NSW Institute of Teachers (NSW Teachers). All courses are designed to meet the educative goals of the relevant syllabus documents. All content is presented in an educative manner tailored to the age range of the students in the course. All course material is thoroughly reviewed and selected to appropriately demonstrate and synthesize concepts in the course.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all Future Film Stars employees, contractors and volunteers in their dealings with under 18 participants in Future Film Stars courses.

This policy will guide the processes for all Future Film Stars courses for participants under the age of 18.

3. Policy Statement

Future Film Stars acknowledges its responsibility to provide appropriate educational content and duty of care arrangements to ensure the protection of participants under the age of 18, who are attending Future Film Stars courses.

4. Procedures

4.1 Course Content

Future Film Stars reviews and endorses course content to ensure each course is age appropriate and to determine the age group for each course. This includes media content (sound and moving images) such as selected scenes from feature films, television and short films.

Future Film Stars ensures that only children of the appropriate age group, or older, attend courses that have a particular age range.

Future Film Stars courses follow procedures endorsed by the Department of Education and Communities to moderate the discussions in courses to ensure the discussions are age appropriate.

Future Film Stars ensures that all staff conducting courses for under 18 year olds have been briefed on the age of the group and informed of their duty of care responsibilities.

Future Film Stars will not change course content without ensuring that all items are relevant and appropriate content for the age range of the course/s presented.

4.2 Duty of Care

Future Film Stars follows the Department of Education and Communities duty of care requirements for participants under the age of 18 in all contexts.

All Future Film Stars staff must have a Working With Children (or equivalent) Check that meets the legal requirements of the State or Territory in which they are teaching.

For all School Holiday and term based courses, staff will be briefed on duty of care and behavioural management procedures prior to teaching the course.

Future Film Stars staff will not contact participants who are under 18 outside the course under any circumstances by any means including via a social media platforms. If Future Film Stars staff are contacted by participants they must not respond. Future Film Stars will only communicate with parents, care givers or relevant school teachers and school executives outside the time the course is underway.

Under 18 Courses Consent Form or School Holiday Under 18 Consent Form must be accepted by web form on our website or signed and returned to Future Film Stars or the school, or emailed to contact@futurefilmstars.com.au by the participant’s parent/carer/guardian prior to the course commencing.

Future Film Stars has the discretion to admit or refuse admittance to any individual to any Future Film Stars course. In the event that this discretion is exercised, any monies paid to Future Film Stars for the nominated course will be refunded.

When participants take breaks during school holiday or weekend programs they are supervised by Future Film Stars staff at all times to a minimum of one supervisor to 34 students. Students will not be allowed to leave the designated area without supervision at any time.

This does not apply to Schools program participants who will take their breaks at normal school break times and go into the supervised playground area for their breaks.

Future Film Stars will provide information to participants about their supervisor, when they are on duty, their location, and details and the importance of seeking assistance from their supervisor as required.

13 -17 year olds (except in Schools programs)

Participants who do not have written parental consent will not be allowed to leave the designated area or building without their parent/carer/guardian.

If a participant’s parent/carer/guardian has provided written consent on the School Holiday Under 18 Consent Form, participants attending School Holiday programs are permitted to:

  • sign themselves in and out of the course;
  • sign themselves in and out of the designated area or building, including for the purpose of 
purchasing food.
Participants in this age range can use the designated area or building bathrooms without supervision.

9-12 year olds (except in Schools programs)

Participants must be signed in and out by parent/carer/guardian at the beginning and end of each course. Participants must not leave the premises under any circumstances except in an emergency and, in such a situation must follow emergency procedures. 
Participants are only permitted to have lunch or take breaks on the designated area or in the building if supervised by a Future Film Stars staff member. 
A Future Film Stars staff member will either escort participants to the bathroom if the toilet is located outside the immediate area or will ensure that they do not visit the bathroom alone. Future Film Stars staff will wait immediately outside the entrance door to any bathroom for the return of the student and will only enter the bathroom in an emergency situation.

Participants under 9 years old (except in Schools programs)

Participants in a course designed for under 9s must be accompanied by a parent/guardian/carer for the entire course. 
Given most of the Future Film Stars School Holidays program courses are designed for participants over the age of 9 years, only in exceptional circumstances will the Director of Future Film Stars consider the enrolment of a child under the age of 9.

Primary and Secondary Schools Programs

For Schools and Schools Tailored courses, the school where the course is taking place is responsible for the duty of care of all course participants while out on the playground. 
A minimum number of teachers from the participating School are required to accompany participants according to the following ratios:

  • 1:3 for identified participants from secure, high needs Guardianship care; and
  • 1:6 for groups with specific needs 
 Future Film Stars staff will advise teachers and supervisors of school groups what the requirements are for supervision of participants. 
Bathroom visits, arrival, departures, meal breaks are the responsibility of the school teacher/s.

The responsibility for Future Film Stars Schools Programs workshops run at schools lies with the School, including sick, absent, or disruptive participants, evacuation procedures, and liaising with parents/guardians/carers.

Future Film Stars is responsible for the course content, Future Film Stars staff, and any equipment agreed to be provided.

Download a copy of the DEC Code of Conduct